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What Year Jeep Grand Cherokee To Avoid

When it comes to choosing ‌a Jeep⁤ Grand Cherokee, buyers may find themselves overwhelmed ​by the ⁤numerous ‍model ⁣years and options available. However, not⁣ all Grand‍ Cherokees are created⁢ equal, and some years ‍have been plagued with more issues than others. In‍ this article, we will delve into the ​specific model years⁤ that‌ you may want to ​avoid when considering purchasing a⁣ Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Year Models with⁣ Common⁢ Transmission Issues

Jeep ​Grand Cherokees have ‌been known to ​have transmission issues ‌in certain year models. It is‌ important for potential ​buyers to be aware of these problematic years to avoid any future headaches. Below ​is a list ​of year models to watch ​out for:

  • 2014 Grand Cherokee: Reports of rough shifting and‌ slipping transmissions
  • 2012 Grand Cherokee: Known for​ transmission overheating and stalling​ issues
  • 2016 Grand Cherokee: Complaints of erratic shifting and transmission failure

If ⁣you are in the‍ market for a Jeep Grand‍ Cherokee, it⁤ is recommended to steer clear ‍of the ⁢above-mentioned year ‌models⁢ to avoid potential transmission ⁣troubles ⁣down the road. Always remember to thoroughly inspect the vehicle⁣ and take it ​for‍ a test drive before making a ‌purchase.

The Grand Cherokee with ⁣Known Electrical Problems

One model‌ year known for its⁣ electrical ⁤problems in‍ the Grand ‍Cherokee ‌is the 2011 version. This particular year has‌ been linked to frequent issues with the ‌vehicle’s ignition system, leading ⁣to potential starting ‌and stalling problems. ⁤Owners have reported experiencing⁣ sudden‌ loss of power ⁢while⁢ driving, which can be a ⁢major⁣ safety concern on the road.

Another​ year⁤ to steer clear of ⁣is ‍the 2014​ Jeep Grand ⁤Cherokee. Owners ⁢have reported various ⁣electrical issues,‍ including ⁢malfunctions ⁤with the vehicle’s ‌power⁤ windows ⁤and ⁣locks, as well as problems with the ‌navigation system ‌and touchscreen display. These issues can be frustrating⁤ for owners and ​may require costly repairs to‍ fix.

If ​you’re in the market⁢ for a Jeep ⁣Grand Cherokee and‍ want to ‌avoid potential electrical‍ headaches,‍ it’s best to⁢ stay‍ away ⁢from the 2016 ⁢model year. Owners have reported ⁤issues⁤ with the vehicle’s electrical ⁢system, ‍including problems with‌ the engine sensors and ​wiring harnesses. These issues can ​lead to a variety of ⁢performance‌ problems and may require extensive repairs to resolve.

Jeep Grand ⁢Cherokee Models Prone⁤ to Engine Failure

Some Jeep Grand Cherokee models have been‍ known to be ⁤prone to engine⁢ failure,​ causing⁣ frustration and costly ‌repairs ⁢for owners. ⁢It is important to be⁢ aware of which model years have a higher likelihood of experiencing engine issues in order to make an informed decision when purchasing a used ⁤vehicle.⁤ Below​ are‌ some of the Jeep Grand‌ Cherokee models that have ⁣been⁢ reported to be more susceptible to​ engine‌ failure:

  • 2011‍ Jeep ​Grand ⁣Cherokee: This model year has been known to ⁣have‌ issues with engine stalling and misfiring, resulting​ in potential ​safety hazards⁣ on the road.
  • 2014 Jeep⁣ Grand Cherokee: Owners of this model year ‍have reported problems ⁣with engine ‍overheating and⁢ coolant leaks,‍ leading to engine failure ⁣if not addressed promptly.
  • 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee: In⁢ some ‍cases, the engine ⁣in this model year has experienced oil consumption​ issues, causing damage to internal​ components over time.

It ‌is recommended to thoroughly research any⁣ potential ‌Jeep Grand ⁢Cherokee purchase and consider having a professional inspection done‍ to ensure ​the engine is in good ⁤condition. ⁢By being aware‌ of the model years that are more ⁣prone to engine failure, you can⁢ avoid⁤ costly⁣ repairs and potential safety concerns down the road.

Features to Watch Out⁢ for ‌on Specific Model Years

Jeep Grand​ Cherokee Model Years to Avoid

When looking ⁢to purchase a ⁣used Jeep Grand Cherokee, there⁢ are ⁢certain model years that you ⁤may want ⁢to steer clear of due to potential issues or⁢ lack ⁣of desirable⁣ features. Here are⁢ some specific ⁤model years to watch out⁢ for:

  • 2005: Known for transmission ⁣problems and ‍electrical issues.
  • 2011: ⁣Reported issues with the air conditioning system and coolant leaks.
  • 2014: ⁢ Some ⁣owners​ have complained about problems with the infotainment system and interior quality.

it’s important to thoroughly research ⁢any potential Jeep Grand ⁢Cherokee ⁣purchase and consider factors such as maintenance history, mileage, and overall condition. By‌ being aware of the⁣ potential pitfalls of​ certain model years,⁣ you can make a more informed ‌decision when‍ shopping‍ for ⁣a used Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Most Reliable Year Models for‌ the Jeep‌ Grand Cherokee

When it comes to the Jeep Grand⁢ Cherokee, there are certain year⁢ models that stand out for ⁤their ​reliability⁤ and durability. ⁢If you are‍ in the market ‌for a used Grand Cherokee, it’s important ‌to know ⁢which ​years to avoid⁢ to ensure you are ⁣getting a quality⁤ vehicle that will ⁣last for years to come.

One year model of the Jeep ​Grand Cherokee to⁢ avoid is the 2014 model. This year was plagued with transmission issues, electrical problems, and overall poor​ build quality. Many owners reported costly repairs​ and‍ frequent ⁣trips to the mechanic,⁣ making it a less-than-ideal choice for those looking for a reliable⁤ SUV.

Another year model to steer clear of is the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While this model had a sleek redesign and updated features, it‍ also⁢ had numerous reports of engine troubles and suspension issues. Owners ⁣complained of frequent breakdowns and expensive repairs, making it a risky investment.

Final Recommendations for ‍Purchasing a Used Jeep Grand⁣ Cherokee

Before making ⁢your‌ final decision on purchasing a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s essential ⁢to know which year models to avoid. While this vehicle ‍is known for its reliability‍ and performance, there ⁤are certain years ⁢that have had more issues than others. Here ‍are ⁣some ​recommendations to consider:

  • 2014: Known for‍ transmission issues and electrical problems.
  • 2016: ‍Reported problems with the air conditioning system and⁤ engine ‌stalling.
  • 2018: Avoid this year due to multiple recalls for safety concerns.

By ⁢avoiding​ these specific year models, you can ‌increase your⁣ chances⁢ of ⁣finding a ⁢used​ Jeep ​Grand ​Cherokee ⁢that is in good condition ​and will ⁣provide⁤ you with years ​of reliable transportation. Remember ⁤to always conduct a thorough inspection and test drive before⁣ making your purchase decision.

Frequently⁢ Asked ‌Questions

Q: What year Jeep⁣ Grand Cherokee should ‌I avoid?

A: If‍ you’re in the⁣ market for⁣ a used Jeep Grand Cherokee,⁣ there are⁢ a few model years you might want⁤ to steer clear of.

Q: Why should I avoid certain⁣ years of the⁢ Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A: Some model years of the Jeep Grand​ Cherokee have been known⁣ to have‌ more ⁣mechanical issues and reliability ​problems than others, making them ⁤less desirable⁢ for potential buyers.

Q: Which specific years should I avoid?

A: The 2011-2013⁣ model years of​ the Jeep Grand Cherokee⁢ are suggested to be avoided due to a⁤ higher number of ‌reported problems and ‍complaints from owners.

Q: What are some common issues ​with⁢ these ⁤particular model⁤ years?

A: ⁢Common reported ‍issues with the‌ 2011-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee include electrical problems,‌ transmission issues, ‍and engine failure.

Q: Are there any other model years of the ​Jeep Grand‌ Cherokee that have had similar⁢ problems?

A: While ⁢the⁢ 2011-2013 model years ⁢are noted to⁢ have ⁣more issues, it’s always​ important to thoroughly‌ research⁤ any used ⁣vehicle before making a purchase, regardless of the year.

Q: How can I ensure that I’m ‍making ‌a⁣ good investment when buying​ a used Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A: Before purchasing​ a used‌ Jeep Grand ​Cherokee,⁤ it’s ⁣important to have‍ a thorough inspection​ done by ⁤a trusted mechanic, ​obtain ‍a ​vehicle history ‌report,​ and consider any‍ additional warranties or⁤ guarantees offered by the seller.

In Retrospect

when considering which year Jeep Grand ⁢Cherokee to avoid, it⁤ is important to weigh⁣ the pros and cons⁤ of each model and ‌make an informed decision ‌based on your individual needs and preferences. While some ​years may⁢ have ​had more reported⁢ issues than others, it⁤ is always recommended to do ‍thorough ​research and ⁣potentially consult⁤ with ⁣a trusted‍ mechanic before making a purchase. Remember, ⁤the perfect Jeep Grand Cherokee for one person may not be the best choice for another. Happy hunting!

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