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8 Best Tuner for Ram 1500 Trucks!

“In this latest article, we have compiled a list of the 8 best tuner for ram 1500 trucks. Whether you’re looking to enhance performance or improve fuel efficiency, these tuners are sure to take your driving experience to the next level. Let’s dive in and explore the options available for your Ram 1500!


ChargerCity Suction Mount for Edge Evolution
Versatile and secure
The ChargerCity Windshield Suction Mount for Edge tuners offers easy installation and secure attachment with its dual slot tabs. While it has limited compatibility with specific Edge tuner models and may struggle in extreme temperatures, its adjustable design makes it a versatile choice for many configurations.
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable to nearly any configuration
  • Dual slot tabs for secure attachment
  • Limited compatibility with only specific Edge tuner models
  • Suction mount may not adhere well in extreme temperatures

Our ChargerCity Windshield Suction Mount is the perfect solution for upgrading your existing pedestal, offering a secure bond on car dashboards and windshields with its polyurethane gel suction base. The 3-inch articulating arm allows for vertical adjustment and 360-degree rotation, ensuring optimal viewing angles. Customers have praised its versatility, noting that it provides a clear field of vision and easy installation with plenty of adjustment range. With its one-touch lever engagement and easy removal for reusability, this mount is a practical and reliable choice for your Edge Evolution Insight Juice vehicle tuner programmer.

Enhanced Stability and Flexibility
  • Windshield suction mount design
  • Compatibility with Edge Products Insight CT CTS 2 CT2 CTS2 Evolution Juice AUTO Auto Tuner Programmer
  • Dual slot tabs for secure attachment
  • Brand new in ChargerCity packaging

Pedal Commander for Ram 1500 Classic
Enhanced driving experience
The PEDAL COMMANDER for Ram 1500 Classic offers a simple and effective solution to eliminate throttle lag and improve off-the-line acceleration. With easy installation and multiple driving modes to choose from, this throttle response controller enhances your driving experience without affecting gas mileage.
  • Easy to install
  • Improves off-the-line acceleration
  • Various settings for different driving modes
  • No noticeable difference in gas mileage
  • Bluetooth feature works well
  • Makes driving more responsive
  • Eliminates throttle lag
  • Does not make the vehicle faster
  • No noticeable improvement at higher speeds

With the PEDAL COMMANDER for Ram 1500 Classic, your truck will experience a remarkable improvement in acceleration. This throttle response controller offers 36 adjustable settings, including Eco, City, Sport, and more, catering to various driving preferences. Users have noted significant enhancements in responsiveness, particularly at low speeds, providing a seamless driving experience off the line. Installation is quick and straightforward, with most users reporting easy setup within minutes. The device does not increase horsepower but optimizes your Ram 1500 Classic’s performance to its fullest potential for different driving scenarios. Whether you seek quicker off-the-line acceleration or a more responsive drive, the PEDAL COMMANDER delivers on its promise of enhancing your driving experience.

Enhance Your Driving Experience Now!
  • Eliminates delay in electronic gas pedal
  • Faster acceleration
  • 36 adjustable settings
  • Equipped with Eco, City, and Sport modes

RAM 1500 Throttle Controller – 09-18 Compatible
Improved driving performance
The Throttle Controller Compatible with 09-18 RAM 1500 effectively eliminates drive-by-wire pedal delay, enhances vehicle acceleration with its five driving modes, and offers easy installation. While it may not provide significant power enhancement and is limited in compatibility, it delivers on its promise of improved driving performance for compatible vehicles.
  • Eliminates drive-by-wire pedal delay
  • Enhances vehicle acceleration
  • Five modes for different driving preferences
  • May not add significant power enhancement
  • Compatibility limited to specific vehicle models

We are thrilled to introduce the SpeedForm Throttle Response Controller compatible with 2009-2018 RAM 1500 trucks. This controller enhances throttle response by eliminating the drive-by-wire pedal delay, providing quick and snappy acceleration. With five preset modes including Stock, Eco, Comfort/Sport, Sport, and Race, and nine levels of sensitivity adjustment, you can customize your driving experience to suit your preferences. Easy plug-and-play installation ensures a hassle-free setup, making it a must-have upgrade for all drive-by-wire vehicles. Based on glowing reviews, this controller not only improves performance but also adds a fun factor to your driving experience, all at an affordable price point.

Enhanced Throttle Response Technology
  • Eliminates drive-by-wire pedal delay
  • Enhances vehicle acceleration
  • Five modes: Stock, Eco, Sport/Comfort, Sport, Race
  • Nine positions of sensitivity adjustment
  • Easy plug-and-play installation

DiabloSport Predator 2 Handheld Tuner – RAM 1500 & 2500
Performance Enhancer
The NEW DIABLOSPORT PREDATOR 2 HANDHELD TUNER with a 2.8″ screen is a versatile tool that enhances performance and towing capabilities for 1998-2014 RAM 1500 & 2500 trucks. Despite some limitations in tire size calibration options and occasional downloading errors, its easy interface and varied tuning options make it a valuable upgrade for multiple vehicles.
  • Can be used on multiple vehicles without being married to one
  • Offers tune options for different vehicles and applications
  • Enhances performance and towing capabilities
  • Limited tire size calibration options
  • Some users experienced errors during download

The NEW DIABLOSPORT PREDATOR 2 HANDHELD TUNER with a 2.8″ screen is a versatile tool compatible with 1998-2014 RAM 1500 & 2500 vehicles. Its high-definition color screen and user-friendly 5-button interface make it easy to navigate and utilize the various performance tuning options offered, from Economy to Extreme Tuning. Users have reported significant improvements in acceleration and towing capabilities, especially when climbing hills, making it a valuable addition to their vehicles. Additionally, its ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and adjust parameters like speed limiters and shift points adds to its functionality. Overall, it seems like a worthwhile investment for optimizing your truck’s performance.

Enhanced Performance Tuning Device
  • 2.8″ high-definition color screen
  • Easy to use 5-button interface
  • Increased memory with faster processor
  • Performance tuning for Economy, Towing, Daily Driving, & Extreme Tuning
  • Compatible with 1998-2014 RAM 1500 & 2500

DiabloSport InTune I3 Platinum Tuner – Charger, Durango, RAM, PT Cruiser
Highly Recommended
The NEW DiabloSport inTune i3 Platinum Handheld Tuner offers improved acceleration and shifting, ability to delete the MDS system, and enhanced performance for Hemi engines. However, there are some reports of a lag issue and limited availability of the 93 octane tune for certain vehicles.
  • Improved acceleration and shifting
  • Ability to delete the MDS system
  • Enhanced performance for Hemi engines
  • Limited availability of 93 octane tune for certain vehicles
  • Lag issue reported by some users

We found the perfect solution for boosting power and enhancing performance with the brand new Diablosport InTune i3 Platinum Handheld Tuner. Specifically designed for various models like the Dodge Charger, RAM 1500, Durango, and PT Cruiser, this tuner delivers optimized drivability, increased bottom-end horsepower, and a more responsive throttle. Users rave about eliminating the MDS system, improving acceleration, and overall engine performance. Make sure to update the tuner and allocate enough time for installation to maximize its benefits.

Performance Tuning Power for Vehicles
  • DiabloSport inTune i3 Platinum Handheld Tuner
  • Compatible with 2006-2014 Charger, 2005-2014 Durango, 2011-2014 RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 2003-2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • Performance Tuning
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Adjusts Vehicle Settings
  • User-Friendly Interface

DiabloSport Predator 2 Handheld Tuner for Ram-Dodge Vehicles
Solid choice
We found the NEW DIABLOSPORT PREDATOR 2 HANDHELD TUNER with a 2.8″ screen to be a user-friendly device that offers improved performance tuning for 2005-2014 RAM-Dodge vehicles. While it is on the pricier side and has limited compatibility with newer vehicles, its ability to disable functions like MDS and upgrade tunes for enhanced performance make it a solid choice for those looking to optimize their vehicle’s performance.
  • Easy to disable functions like MDS
  • Ability to upgrade tune for more performance
  • Compatible with a range of RAM-Dodge vehicles
  • Expensive
  • Limited compatibility with newer vehicles

We have the NEW DIABLOSPORT PREDATOR 2 HANDHELD TUNER with a 2.8″ screen that is compatible with 2005-2014 RAM-DODGE vehicles. Users are raving about its performance, with one satisfied customer mentioning how it helped unleash the power they desired in their vehicle. Another user found it essential for disabling MDS and improving performance on their Hemi Charger, making it a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their driving experience.

Enhanced Performance Tuning Device
  • Handheld tuner
  • 2.8″ screen
  • Compatible with 2005-2014 RAM-Dodge vehicles
  • Improved performance tuning

Z Automotive Tazer Programmer – Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500
Customization tool
We found the Z Automotive Tazer Programmer to be an essential tool for customizing Dodge Ram trucks, offering unmatched control over features and the ability to personalize amenities. However, users should be cautious of potential risks such as the need for additional parts for certain model years and the possibility of damaging the ECU and other modules.
  • Essential customizing tool
  • Unmatched controllability over truck features
  • Personalize truck amenities
  • May require additional parts for certain model years
  • Potential risk of damaging ECU and other modules

With the Z Automotive Tazer Programmer, we can easily take control of over 35 vehicle settings, allowing us to customize our Dodge Ram 1500 Classic/2500/3500 from 2013 to 2021 to our liking. The module is an essential tool for personalizing our truck’s amenities, offering unmatched controllability. It’s a breeze to install and use, simply plug and play into the OBD2 port. As confirmed by satisfied customers, this calibrator is a fantastic bang for the buck, providing a seamless user experience.

Enhanced Vehicle Customization Options
  • Essential customizing tool
  • Unmatched controllability over truck features
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Intuitive module
  • Personalize truck amenities
  • Compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 Classic/2500/3500 2013-2021

Dodge Ram 9″ Stereo Upgrade with CarPlay
Feature-rich but flawed
We found the Car Radio Stereo for Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 2013-2018 to be a feature-rich option with a 9-inch touchscreen, Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto, GPS Navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity. However, it did suffer from slow responsiveness and GPS lagging issues.
  • 9 inch Touchscreen
  • Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • Slow responsiveness
  • GPS lagging

We have a 9-inch Touchscreen Upgrade Radio DSP Stereo designed for Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 models from 2013 to 2018 with Manual AC controls. While some users found it slow to respond, it offers a great alternative to stock stereos. Its features include Wireless CarPlay&Android Auto, GPS Navigation, 5G WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Despite some setbacks, overall, it’s a nice upgrade option for your vehicle.

Enhanced Connectivity and Functionality
  • 9 inch Touchscreen
  • Upgrade Radio DSP Stereo
  • Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation
  • 5G WiFi
  • Bluetooth

FAQs of Best Tuner for Ram 1500

Can a tuner void the warranty on a Ram 1500?

Yes, installing a tuner on a Ram 1500 can potentially void the warranty. Modifying the engine or electronic systems of a vehicle can impact the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. It’s essential to review the terms of the warranty and consult with the dealership or manufacturer before making any modifications to avoid any potential warranty issues.

Are there any risks involved in using a tuner on a Ram 1500?

Yes, there are potential risks involved in using a tuner on a Ram 1500. Installing a tuner could void the vehicle’s warranty, impact its emissions compliance, and potentially cause damage to the engine if not used properly. It’s important to thoroughly research and understand the implications of using a tuner on your specific vehicle model to make an informed decision.

What is a tuner for a Ram 1500?

A tuner for a Ram 1500 is a device that can be used to optimize the performance of the vehicle’s engine by adjusting various parameters such as fuel-air mixture, ignition timing, and turbo boost levels. It can also be used to recalibrate the speedometer for different tire sizes or gear ratios. Tuners can enhance horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency, as well as provide additional features like monitoring engine data and diagnosing issues.

How can a tuner improve torque and horsepower in a Ram 1500?

To enhance torque and horsepower in a Ram 1500, a tuner can be used to reprogram the engine control unit (ECU). By adjusting parameters like fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and turbo boost levels, a tuner can optimize performance. This can result in increased torque and horsepower by maximizing the engine’s efficiency and power output. Keep in mind that tuning should be done carefully to avoid damaging the engine or voiding the vehicle’s warranty.

Can a tuner improve fuel efficiency in a Ram 1500?

Yes, a tuner can potentially improve fuel efficiency in a Ram 1500. Tuners can optimize engine performance by adjusting various parameters such as fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and transmission shift points. By fine-tuning these settings, a tuner can help improve fuel economy by maximizing the efficiency of the engine. It’s important to note that the extent of the improvement will vary based on driving habits, vehicle condition, and the specific tuner used.

What are some of the popular tuner brands for Ram 1500?

We can share some popular tuner brands for the Ram 1500. Some well-known brands include Superchips, DiabloSport, Bully Dog, Edge Products, and Hypertech. These brands offer a variety of tuners and programmers designed to enhance the performance of the Ram 1500 by adjusting engine parameters and optimizing power output. It’s always a good idea to research and compare different tuner options to find the best one that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Are tuners easy to install on a Ram 1500?

Yes, we’d be happy to help! Tuners can vary in complexity to install on a Ram 1500, but they are generally considered to be user-friendly and straightforward to install. Many tuners come with clear instructions and can be easily plugged into the vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no special tools or mechanical expertise. However, it’s always recommended to read the specific tuner’s installation instructions and, if needed, consult a professional for assistance to ensure a successful installation.

Do tuners offer different tuning settings for different driving conditions?

Yes, some tuners do offer different tuning settings for different driving conditions. These tuning settings can help optimize the performance of a vehicle based on factors such as fuel efficiency, power output, or driving environment. It’s important to consult with a professional tuner or refer to the tuner’s documentation to understand the specific tuning options available for different driving conditions.

Can a tuner help adjust speedometer calibration in a Ram 1500?

Yes, a tuner can help adjust the speedometer calibration in a Ram 1500. Tuners are designed to modify various settings in a vehicle’s computer system, including adjusting the speedometer calibration to account for changes in tire size, gear ratio, or other modifications. By using a tuner, you can ensure that your speedometer displays an accurate speed, which is important for both safety and performance reasons.

Can a tuner disable factory restrictions on a Ram 1500 for better performance?

Yes, a tuner can disable factory restrictions on a Ram 1500 to improve performance. By adjusting engine parameters such as fuel mapping, ignition timing, and throttle response, a tuner can optimize the vehicle’s performance. However, it’s important to note that modifying factory settings may void warranties and could potentially impact the vehicle’s long-term reliability. We recommend consulting with a professional tuner or automotive expert before making any modifications.

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