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Best Aftermarket Wheels For Ram 1500

In this roundup, we will be featuring some great options to enhance the performance and style of your Ram 1500.

From wheel spacers to wheel adapters, we’ve got you covered with products like YHTAUTO 2″ Wheel Spacers, AEagle 5×5.5 Wheel Adapters, and PAROD Front Wheel Hub. Let’s dive in and discover the Best Aftermarket Wheels For Ram 1500!

KSP Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500
✯ High quality choice ✯
Dodge RAM 1500 Gloss Black Wheel Skins
Factory-like appearance
Ram 1500 5x5.5 Wheel Spacers 2 inch
Enhanced Performance
YHTAUTO 2" Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500
Good with cautions

KSP Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500
High quality choice
These KSP 6X5.5 Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500 2019-2024 are a great choice for improving your vehicle’s stance with easy installation and high build quality. While they may require additional lug nuts for proper installation, the real forged construction and hub-centric design offer durability and a precise fit.
  • Improved vehicle stance
  • Easy installation
  • High build quality and attention to detail
  • May require additional lug nuts for proper installation
  • Thread lock packs may occasionally arrive damaged

These KSP 6X5.5 Wheel Spacers are a perfect fit for Ram 1500 models from 2019 to 2024, enhancing the vehicle’s stance with a hubcentric design that ensures a precise fit. The product comes with 77.8mm hub bore and M14x1.5 studs/bolts, tailored to fit 6X139.7mm Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles. Customers have praised the spacers for their quality construction, ease of installation, and the improved aesthetics they bring to their trucks. If you’re looking to enhance both the look and feel of your Ram, these wheel spacers are a great choice.

Enhanced Handling and Stability
  • Fits 2019-2024 Ram 1500 with 6×139.7mm bolt pattern
  • Hub centric design for better vehicle fit
  • Real forged construction for durability
  • 1.5″ (38mm) thickness for increased tire clearance
  • Includes M14x1.5 studs/bolts
  • Package includes 4 black wheel spacers

Dodge RAM 1500 Gloss Black Wheel Skins
Factory-like appearance
Overall, the 17″ 4pc Gloss Black Wheel Skins for Dodge RAM 1500 2013-2019 offer a factory-like appearance, good quality, and easy installation. However, potential buyers should note the limited compatibility with specific models and the challenge of removing old wheel skins.
  • Factory-like appearance
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install
  • Removal of old wheel skins may be challenging
  • Limited compatibility with Dodge RAM 1500 models from 2013-2019

We offer a set of four 17-inch Gloss Black Wheel Skins designed specifically for the Dodge RAM 1500 2013-2019 model. Crafted from high-quality automotive-grade ABS, these skins provide a seamless fit over your existing factory alloy wheels. With a quick and secure snap-on style installation, these wheel skins give your rims an undetectable factory-upgraded appearance at a fraction of the cost of new dealership wheels. Customers have praised the impressive fit and finish of these wheel skins, with some even mistaking them for original dealer wheels. Join the satisfied customers who have experienced the easy installation and high-quality look of these Gloss Black Wheel Skins for your Dodge RAM 1500.

Enhanced Wheel Appearance Option
  • Gloss Black finish
  • 17-inch size
  • 6-spoke style
  • Set of 4 wheel skins
  • Mounts easily and securely
  • Compatible with Dodge RAM 1500 2013-2019

Ram 1500 5×5.5 Wheel Spacers 2 inch
Enhanced Performance
We found the 5×5.5 Wheel Spacers to be a great addition to our Ram 1500. They were easy to install, improved the look of our truck, and provided a secure fitment with no noticeable vibrations. Just keep in mind to check for tightness periodically to maintain optimal performance.
  • Easy to install
  • Made my truck look better with fender flares
  • No abnormal vibration or handling issues
  • Comes with Red Lock Tight
  • May require retightening or checking after installation for reduced vibration
  • Not recommended for towing heavy loads with modifications

When it comes to our 5×5.5 Wheel Spacers 2-inch for 2012-2018 Ram 1500 and 2019-2023 Classic Ram 1500, you can count on a solid product that delivers on performance. Customers have shared positive experiences, using these spacers for towing heavy loads like camper trailers and fiber reel trailers without any issues. Easy to install and providing that extra bit of space needed, these wheel spacers are well-made and help improve the overall look of your truck. With high-strength thread-locking included, they offer both convenience and reliability.

Enhanced Wheel Performance Upgrade
  • Fitment for 2012-2018 and 2019-2023 Classic Ram 1500 (5 Lug Vehicle)
  • 2-inch thickness for improved wheel stance
  • Made of forged material for durability
  • Comes with 14X1.5 studs for secure installation
  • Features 108mm center bore for precise fitment

YHTAUTO 2″ Wheel Spacers for Ram 1500
Good with cautions
We found the YHTAUTO 5×5.5 inch Hub Centric Wheel Spacers to be a great addition for Ram 1500 models, offering easy installation and a sleek appearance. However, be aware of potential stud defects and the need to retighten the spacers after driving 100 kms.
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a nice look for the vehicle
  • Custom fit for Ram 1500 models
  • Possible defect in studs
  • Need to retighten wheel spacers after driving 100 kms

Our YHTAUTO 5×5.5 inch Hub Centric Wheel Spacers 2 inch are custom-fit for 5 lug wheels, specifically designed for Ram models like the 2012-2018 Ram 1500 and 2019-2023 Ram 1500 Classic. These tire spacers, with M14x1.5 studs and a 77.8mm hub bore, add both style and functionality to your vehicle. Easy to install within an hour, they provide a visually appealing enhancement to your truck’s appearance. Remember to follow the installation instructions carefully and re-tighten the wheel spacers after driving 100 km for optimal performance. Despite the rare stud defect mentioned in one review, overall customer satisfaction with the outcome has been high.

Enhanced Vehicle Stability and Handling
  • Custom fit for 2012-2018 Ram 1500 and 2019-2023 Ram 1500 Classic
  • 5×5.5 inch (5×139.7mm) hub centric wheel spacers
  • M14x1.5 studs included
  • 77.8mm hub bore
  • 5 lug design
  • Set of 4 black wheel adapters

AEagle 5×5.5 Wheel Adapters for Dodge Ram 1500
Consider fitment
The AEagle 5X5.5 Wheel Adapters are a durable set of 4 forged spacers that are compatible with 2012-2018 Dodge Ram 1500. However, potential fitment issues and additional maintenance are important considerations.
  • Compatible with 2012-2018 Dodge Ram 1500
  • Forged construction for durability
  • Comes in a set of 4 pieces
  • Potential fitment issues
  • Additional maintenance required

The AEagle 5X5.5 Wheel Adapters 2″ are designed to perfectly fit your Dodge Ram 1500 from 2012-2018, enhancing its appearance and performance. With a sturdy forged construction and M14X1.5 studs, these 5 lug wheel spacers ensure durability and safety on the road. The 108mm bore and 2″ thickness guarantee a secure fit, providing ample clearance for a smooth driving experience. Remember to follow the installation advice provided, ensuring a proper and secure installation for optimal results.

Crafted by AEagle, these wheel adapters are a reliable and high-quality addition to your vehicle. Weighing 17.78 pounds and with package dimensions of 14.49 x 7.6 x 5.59 inches, the AEagle Wheel Adapters are built to last. Trust the manufacturer’s reputation and the specifications of the AEWSP046Q4-5 model to give your Dodge Ram 1500 the upgrade it deserves.

Enhanced Wheel Compatibility for Dodge
  • 5X5.5 Bolt Pattern
  • 108mm Hub Bore
  • Forged Construction
  • Comes in a set of 4 pieces

PAROD Front Wheel Hub for Ram 1500
Highly recommended
We found the PAROD Pair 515151 Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly to be a great purchase. The easy installation, fast shipping, and resolution of noise and ABS lights issues make it a reliable choice for your Ram 1500.
  • Easy installation
  • Fast shipping
  • Noise and ABS lights issues resolved
  • Tough to remove old wheel bearings
  • Noise and ABS lights issue prior to replacement

When you’re looking to replace your front wheel hub and bearing assembly for your Ram 1500, the PAROD Pair 515151 is a reliable choice. With an easy installation process and positive reviews highlighting the smooth replacement and improved performance like the elimination of noise and ABS lights, this product offers great value. Plus, the convenience of swift delivery means you can have your truck back on the road in no time. Let’s make sure to check the fit for your specific vehicle by selecting the appropriate details from the menu before ordering!

Durable and High-Quality Construction
  • Compatible with 2012-2018 Ram 1500, 2019 Ram 1500 Classic
  • Front Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly
  • 5 Lugs
  • With ABS functionality

Wheel Replacement Options

Installing and Maintaining Aftermarket Wheels for Your Ram 1500

  • First, ensure that the aftermarket wheels you choose are compatible with your Ram 1500 model. Check the size, bolt pattern, offset, and hub bore to make sure they will fit properly
  • Next, have the wheels professionally installed to ensure they are mounted correctly. This will help prevent any issues such as vibrations or rubbing against the wheel well
  • Finally, make sure to regularly inspect and maintain your aftermarket wheels to keep them in good condition. This includes checking for any signs of damage, cleaning them properly, and ensuring they are properly inflated for optimal performance

Factors to Consider When Choosing Aftermarket Wheels for Ram 1500

  • When buying aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500, here are three important things to look for:
  • Size and Fitment: Ensure the wheels are the correct size and have the right fitment for your Ram 1500. Check the diameter, width, bolt pattern, and offset to make sure they will fit your vehicle properly without any issues
  • Material and Quality: Look for wheels made from high-quality materials like aluminum or alloy for durability and performance. Ensure that the wheels are strong enough to handle the weight and demands of your Ram 1500
  • Style and Finish: Choose a design and finish that complements the look of your truck. Consider factors like color, spoke design, and finish (e.g., matte, gloss) to ensure the wheels enhance the overall appearance of your Ram 1500

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Aftermarket Wheels For Ram 1500

Are there any specific wheel finishes that are recommended for a Ram 1500?

Yes, there are several wheel finishes that are commonly recommended for a Ram 1500. Some popular options include chrome, matte black, gloss black, and satin black finishes. These finishes not only complement the rugged and stylish look of the Ram 1500 but also provide durability and protection against various weather conditions. Ultimately, the choice of wheel finish comes down to personal preference and the look you want to achieve for your Ram 1500.

What are the benefits of installing aftermarket wheels on a Ram 1500?

When you install aftermarket wheels on a Ram 1500, you can enjoy benefits like improved aesthetics, enhanced performance, and customization options to suit your style and preferences. Upgrading to aftermarket wheels can also help to increase your vehicle’s value and resale appeal. Additionally, you may experience better handling and overall driving experience with the right set of aftermarket wheels tailored to your specific needs and driving conditions.

Can aftermarket wheels improve the fuel efficiency of a Ram 1500?

Aftermarket wheels can potentially affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle like the Ram 1500. Larger and heavier aftermarket wheels can increase the overall weight of the vehicle, which may lead to decreased fuel efficiency due to more energy required to move the vehicle. Additionally, changes in the wheel size can also impact the aerodynamics of the vehicle, affecting fuel efficiency. It’s recommended to choose aftermarket wheels that are similar in weight and size to the original wheels to help maintain or improve fuel efficiency.

Can aftermarket wheels impact the warranty of a Ram 1500?

Yes, aftermarket wheels can potentially impact the warranty of a Ram 1500. Any modifications made to a vehicle that are not approved by the manufacturer have the potential to void or impact the warranty. It is important to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions provided by Ram to understand what modifications are allowed without affecting the warranty coverage. We recommend consulting with a certified Ram dealer or contacting Ram directly for specific information regarding aftermarket wheels and your vehicle’s warranty.

Are there any specific maintenance or care instructions for aftermarket wheels on a Ram 1500?

Certainly! When it comes to aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500, it’s important to follow general maintenance guidelines. You should regularly clean your wheels to avoid road debris and brake dust buildup, which can damage the finish. Use a mild soap and water with a soft brush or cloth for cleaning. Additionally, ensure proper tire pressure and alignment to maximize the lifespan of your aftermarket wheels. Regularly inspect your wheels for any signs of damage or wear. Following these steps will help you keep your aftermarket wheels in good condition.

Are there specific brands that are known for producing high-quality aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500?

Yes, there are several reputable brands known for producing high-quality aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500. Some popular brands that are recognized for their quality and durability include Fuel Off-Road, American Racing, KMC Wheels, Moto Metal, and Method Race Wheels. These brands offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes to customize your Ram 1500 while maintaining excellent performance and safety standards.

What is the typical cost range for aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500?

The typical cost range for aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500 can vary widely depending on factors such as brand, material, size, and design. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $600 per wheel. However, high-end or custom wheels can cost upwards of $1,000 or more per wheel. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal that fits your budget and style preferences.

What factors should be considered when choosing aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500?

When choosing aftermarket wheels for a Ram 1500, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that the aftermarket wheels have the correct bolt pattern, center bore size, and offset to fit your specific Ram 1500 model. Additionally, you should consider the size of the wheels to ensure they are compatible with your vehicle’s suspension and braking system. It’s also important to think about the material and construction of the wheels to ensure they are durable and reliable. Lastly, consider the style and design of the wheels to match your personal preferences and enhance the overall appearance of your Ram 1500.

How do aftermarket wheels affect the ride quality of a Ram 1500?

Aftermarket wheels can impact the ride quality of a Ram 1500. This can be due to several factors such as the size, weight, and material of the wheels. Larger wheels may result in a rougher ride because they have less sidewall flex, which can reduce the tire’s ability to absorb bumps and shocks. Additionally, heavier wheels can increase unsprung weight, affecting handling and ride comfort. Choosing high-quality aftermarket wheels that are appropriately sized and lightweight can help mitigate these potential negative effects on the ride quality of your Ram 1500.

How do aftermarket wheels affect the performance of a Ram 1500?

Aftermarket wheels can impact the performance of a Ram 1500 in several ways. The most notable effects include changes in acceleration, braking, handling, and fuel efficiency. Larger wheels may increase rotational mass, affecting acceleration and braking distances. However, lighter wheels can improve performance by reducing unsprung weight. The size and width of the wheels can also impact handling and cornering abilities. It’s essential to consider the trade-offs between aesthetics and performance when choosing aftermarket wheels for your Ram 1500.

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